Piano Lessons in Bakersfield By Ms. Yelena offers private piano lessons to those local to Bakersfield, CA. If you are looking to learn how to play the piano, then professional piano lessons are the place to begin.

We can help you learn all the basics and increase your skill as you get better at playing the piano.

It's a great learning process that we are more than happy to help you with. Let's begin today.



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9401 Tortuga Del Mar Dr
Bakersfield, CA 93314

Email: yelena_pianoclass@yahoo.com
Tel:  (661) 496-7937


11:00 AM - 8:00 PM

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Since 2007, Piano Lessons in Bakersfield by Ms. Yelena has been providing private Piano Lessons to students of all ages. It's the premiere music school in Bakersfield, CA that's open to both adults and children. I'm here to help to enjoy music once again. You can become a gifted piano player under my guidance. My lessons will help you embark on a wonderful musical journey. You can achieve your musical goals and enjoy your musical journey to the fullest. I've enjoyed playing piano since I was a little girl, but I love teaching the gift of music to people, young and old.

Piano Lessons in Bakersfield by Ms. Yelena provides top-notch lessons. Students have access to top-level instructors. They can embark on their musical journey with ongoing performances, opportunities, and events. More importantly, my private Piano Lessons are filled with aspiring and like-minded students. They're hungry to learn the beauty of music. I'm here to help you improve your piano music playing and enjoy your career to the fullest. You can achieve your personal or professional musical goals with my lessons. My team and I have the knowledge and expertise to get you started on your musical journey. We will be with you every step of the way.

My musical school will provide you with Piano Lessons in a comfortable setting so that you can focus on making your music. Teaching piano for me is like breathing. I enjoy what I do. I want my students to feel the same way that I do every time I play the piano. I help students in Shafter, Wasco, Delano, and Arvin achieve their musical goals. Our facilities provide you with a quiet setting so you can focus on nothing but the music. Our Piano Lessons help you enjoy music once again. Since I know how to play the piano so well, I want to teach others how to do it well too.

Bakersfield, CA
Wasco, CA
Arvin, CA
Shafter, CA
Delano, CA

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